Ingenious work as always! By @nendo_official.

By Sophia Taillet.
Available for purchase at L’observatoire Magazine’s shop.

By Duna Design.

By Simon Pengelly for Joined and Jointed.

The Nami Sink by Enzo Berti.

By Robert Van Embricqs.

Solid hardwood chessboard by

Lovely! By @52.home

Lightweight, sturdy concrete and terrazzo jewelry by duo sisters @clusterlb.

Made in Lebanon.

By Sabine Marcelis.

Lovely tiling solutions by @wow_designeu !

The Cinta fireplace by @lumacaststudio.

Hello December! By @kadis.backstueble.

The LEAF’s most defining feature has to be its transparency. @leafhealthcare is the world’s first FDA registered transparent mask to have N99-standard air filtering abilities as well as a self-purifying feature, thanks to a built-in UV-C light.

By @sixnfive.objects

By Andrea Cornila.

By Brodie Neill.

By Monoco Japan.

Excavated from the location’s site and hung on the bathroom’s wall. By @wrjdesign.

By Tom Raffield.