Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flooring Made with Vintage Leather Belts

If you’re looking for something that’s more original than wood or carpet flooring, well, Inghua Ting has it. Her company is called Ting, and it reuses vintage and reclaimed leather belts and turns them into a unique home decor treatment. They reside on floors, are fashioned into rugs, and are even featured as interior accents for walls, stairs, and doors. Better yet, using these specially-collected belts means that no two pieces are ever the same.

Each belt is hand-selected and then stripped of its metals, hand cleaned, and prepared for processing. The tile or panels are created in-house to keep a consistent high quality and ensure that every piece has the correct pattern and color balance. This careful attention to detail results in a beautiful, glossy, and hard-wearing surface that’s available for purchase by the square foot.


Cookies Too Beautiful to Eat by Amber Spiegel

New York-based pastry chef Amber Spiegel has taken the artistry of cookie decoration to an entirely new level, creating edible objects that legions of online commenters profess “guilt” for wanting to consume, but not because of calories.

Spiegel devotes 45 minutes to decorating a single cookie. Her attention to detail has turned cookie decorating into a full-time career as she films her own cookie decorating videos and travels the world teaching others her techniques.


The Origami Umbrella

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman, Nooka‘s brand designers have designed “The Sa”, an umbrella with an innovative design. The two designers got inspired by the origami structure and designed this geometric umbrella with eco-friendly material and an ingenious mechanism.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Satellite Photography Turned Into Charming Rugs


Somewhere Over Europe

The Netherlands

The Purple Rectangles Must Be The Tulip Fields


Hong Kong

Flying at 30,000 feet, you have the view of a god. Fields become blocks of color, rivers transform into abstract swirls, and cities become Lego-like grids.

Interior designer Florian Pucher brings the sensation of flight to the carpet beneath your feet. Called Landcarpets, his rugs start as satellite imagery, and then, following four weeks of hand-tufting New Zealand wool, become fuzzy, tactile carpets.

The carpets are each available in limited edition quantities of 88. The six-foot-by-four-foot pieces start at $1,200. Larger and custom weaves are priced upon request.


One Cool Eco-Friendly Portable Cardboard Desk

Refold’s Portable Cardboard Standing Desk aims to change the way you work. It’s a green flexible, foldable, and affordable desk which is 100% recyclable. This is a nice combination of innovation and environmental awareness, green conscious people would love to own this emergency desk.

When not in use, simply fold this desk into lightweight, compact carry case. It means you can easily work anywhere you want, the design also allows this desk to be used in schools, studios, events, or mobile offices. The durability of this desk is pretty amazing, it is capable of holding the weight of a person, thanks to its durable 7mm thickness, twin cushion, kraft cardboard. It weighs only 6.5kg, making this desk a nice addition for a project team to quickly assemble a working environment in only minutes, no tape or glue required. You can also easily fold it away into its carrying case for easy storage.


Motivational Chalkboard Art by Anonymous Art Duo Dangerdust

This is crazy!!! These are made with CHALK!!!

Anonymous art duo Dangerdust are known for their motivational chalk work. Not only do they have to keep up with their overwhelming workload as students at Columbus College of Art & Design, they now have the overwhelming responsibility of entertaining their fellow students and the rest of the world with their beautiful works. Each week, a completed chalkboard poster appears on the third floor of the Crane building for everyone to enjoy.

They're both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, they complete each work in one fell swoop (which can take up to 11 hours), and in regards to the typography, they try to adopt the style of whoever they are quoting. “Every time we do it we try to make it look different from the last one,” they said.

May these masterpieces motivate you as you meander through your work week!

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