Thursday, February 12, 2015

String Lights

This is how Michael Anastassiades, a Cypriot designer based in London and born in 1967, describes the principle that inspired the String Lights ceiling lamp: a black electric wire that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space, precisely becoming part of the lines formed by the walls of a room. And stretched out along these lines are two different light sources: one in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the other in the form of a sphere. A system of tensors give volume and three-dimensionality to the form outlined by this lightweight cord that plays with space, while the two LED lamps emit a warm light.


The Dissected Cake

Anatomy cake made by Annabel de Vetten, creator of the Dexter Cake. Creepy!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Boeing Wingtip Desk

In a twist of high-flying innovation, a French design studio repurposed this Boeing wingtip into a sleek, futuristic desk. Les Ateliers Flown created the piece from a 737-800 model wingtip in a cantilevered design, meaning the white-and-silver wing stands on one “leg” of its own as it intersects the floor with a curved wing joint. A thick granite slab props up the wingtip on the other end.

The 13-foot desk is currently on display in Paris’ Gustave Moreau Museum, but it will be auctioned off to aviation enthusiasts in March.


Insane Hyperrealistic Food Paintings

This is crazy! These are NOT photographs!!!
Tjalf Sparnaay is an hyperrealistic painter specialized in gourmet representations. His works include a wide variety of colorful pastries and sandwiches.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Natural Skateboarding

Christophe Guinet aka Monsieur Plant loves to use plants in his works, such as turning sneakers into flower pots. One of his newest works is this beautiful skateboard made of a single plank of wood with its bark intact.


The Spacesuit Jacket

The limited edition winter jacket is designed to look like a real spacesuit. Its made out of waterproof martial. Powerful music speakers are built-in into the hood / astronaut helmet. Connect your phone and control it using integrated remote on the sleeve!

Quite pricey though! Pre-order here.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Floating Paper Shelves

Looks like a gust of wind has suddenly caused a stack of blank, white paper to blow through your house!

Japanese design studio YOY is behind Blow, white shelves formed by bending A4 size thin steel plates into five different types of shapes. Used either upside or downside, each individual shelf can then be fixed to a wall with a hook.

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