Monday, July 21, 2014

Artist Recreates His Old Childhood Drawings 20 Years Later

Kiddie Arts is a series created by artist Telmo Pieper. It features digital images inspired by his very own childhood drawings. Cool!


World Cup Trophy Face Painting

London based artist Emma Allen transformed herself into the iconic gold trophy that is given to the winners of the FIFA World Cup football tournament.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Your Very Own Pepperoni Pizza Bed Set

Now that’s comfort food! Artist Claire Manganiello’s ‘Pizza Bed’ includes: pillows that look like crust, sheets that look like tomato sauce, and a comforter that looks like pepperoni and cheese.

Unfortunately, it is still only conceptual so you can't buy this anywhere yet. Lets hope that changes soon enough!


Transforming Tea Bags

These are transforming tea bags. One starts out as a stressful symbol that changes to a calmer version once you put it in hot water. Smart! They were created by ad agency M&C Saatchi for tea company BOH, who was hoping to convey their chamomile tea has a calming effect.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Amazing Sand Bottles of Andrew Clemens

These amazing sand bottles were made over 100 years ago by deaf mute artist Andrew Clemens (1857 - 1894) of McGregor, Iowa. The amazing pictures - each pixel is made from a grain of colored sand - have survived intact for over 100 years, without the use of any glue.

At the tender age of 5, Clemens lost his hearing and voice to encephalitis. After he graduated at the age of 17 from the Iowa Institute for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb in Council Bluffs, he began to experiment with sand art. Clemens collected naturally occuring, multi-colored sand from the Pictured Rock region of Iowa. He devised special tools to arrange the sand in intricate designs and then pack it tightly in chemist jars and bottles without the use of any glue.

At first, Clemens' work was simple and geometric in nature, but he gradually improved his technique and could create complex pictures (the Eagle and American flag seems to be a popular motif) that include overtones and shading, and involved about a dozen colors.

What amazing process it must have been: the window in front of Clemens work table was a popular place for McGregor residents to hang out and watch as the artist, dubbed "the portrait painter without a brush or even paint," spent hours creating his masterpieces.

Clemens entertained special orders from clients (many of his sand bottles include the names of his customers), and charged anywhere between $5 to $7 per bottle (about $110 to $160 in today's money). The artist created hundreds of bottles throughout his lifetime, but few survived.

Today, Clemens' artwork have sold at auction for up to $50,000 plus buyer's premium.

View more at Friends of Andrew Clemens Facebook Fan Page and Cowan's Auctions.


For The Fashionable Geek: Batman Bowties

Brace yourselves Geeks! Batman Bowties! Available in leather or vinyl.
By the inspired mind of Dulce Calaveritas.

Get them here.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

HandHold iPhone Case

The HandHold iPhone Case from Felix Brand keeps a firm grip on your precious iPhone at all times, literally and aesthetically. The snapfit attachment provides a protective film for the back of the iPhone. The high-strength thermoplastic protects your phone from damage and dings without in any way impeding access to all of the iPhone’s ports, buttons and functions. Apart from protecting your phone, the slim and sleek case also provides space for a few essential cards and cash. It does so without bloating the form factor that makes the iPhone the most sought iconic device of our times. You can get the HandHold in six different color combinations, with the hand in a bright color contrasting against the black or white frame.

Get it here.

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