Wednesday, April 19, 2017

World For All Pet Adoption Campaign

How ingenious is this?! A series of creative optical illusion posters in Mumbai, India promotes the adoption of homeless animals. Photographed humans form the shapes of dogs, cats, and other animals. The campaign entitled World for All goes with the tagline “There’s always room for more. Adopt.”

Photographer: Amol Jadhav, Director: Pranav Bhide, Agency: McCann



Thursday, April 6, 2017

Succulent Cakes By Ivenoven

The talent behind these absolutely stunning creations lies in the artist called Ivenoven, who is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Looking at these lush succulent desserts anyone could easily mistake them for being actual terrariums.

The lush succulent terrariums are made using butter, powdered sugar, food coloring, and sometimes some additional flavoring as well, all of which give them that velvet-smooth texture.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tattoo Artist Captures Fluidity of Watercolor Paint in Colorful Tattoos

Aleksandra Katsan creates watercolor tattoos. She incorporates ethereal brushstrokes as well as unpredictable splatters of pigment into her body art designs.

Despite the diffused edges and lines, creating a watercolor tattoo is unlike painting with a brush. A tattooing machine is a much different tool—it uses a rigid needle—and generally requires an artist to be much more exact with their work. Katsan’s beautiful pieces showcase the skill that one must have when specializing in this style of tattoo work. Hers look convincingly like a real painting and blend technical prowess with delicate abstractions.

Katsan’s portfolio primarily features nature-inspired forms and animals. Her choice of splashes and splatters offer some creative liberties to birds, flowers, and even adorable pandas.


Monday, March 27, 2017

The Custom-Made Retro iPhone 7 Plus

Hearkening all the way back to the 1980s, custom-painting company ColorWare has created a retro iPhone 7 Plus.

Aptly called the Retro Edition, this throwback design features an “‘80s electronic” beige-colored case with the now-classic rainbow Apple logo. In addition, there are dark beige edge strips that mimic the vents you’d see on older machines.

But having this custom treatment comes at a premium—at $1,899, it’s almost twice as much as the iPhone 7 Plus itself!


Friday, March 10, 2017

Ghostly Porcelain Bowls Designed with Dramatic Splatters Frozen in Time

Artist Aylin Bilgiç has captured a moment in time through her delicate ceramic bowls. The porcelain vessels—part of an aptly-titled series Fluid Porcelain—have dramatic splashes that whip from their edges. It’s as if the bowl was full of liquid, had something thrown into it, and then a picture was snapped at just the right second.

To produce this mesmerizing effect, Bilgiç first creates the bowl out of porcelain. At certain angles, you can still see the rim of where the vessel ends and the splashes began. This furthers the illusion that there’s some sort of milky-colored substance erupting from the bowls. After the fluid portions are created, Bilgiç adds a gold accent along their edges. The result is an unconventional riff on traditional dining.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Artist “Fixes” Broken Wooden Furniture With Modern Translucent Materials

Brazilian artist Tatiane Freitas blends classic and contemporary design for her My New Old Chair series. In a twist on kintsugi—a Japanese tradition where fractured pottery is repaired with gold—broken furniture is revitalized through the addition of acrylic resin. The resulting contemporary, yet vintage, pieces demonstrate a harmony of opposing forces.

Freitas, who recently showed work at Guy Hepner in New York, succeeds in highlighting the original wood material. This is owed to her creative selection of translucent acrylic, which renders the pieces functional and modern, yet melts away visually.


Friday, February 10, 2017

The Plantable

The Planter Table made by Jailmake brings nature back into the dining experience.

Plantable reintroduces nature back into the experience of gathering, cooking and eating a meal; strengthening a connection to the natural world that is often overshadowed by the myriad accelerated experiences of urban life. Each of the table’s steel legs are hand bent and fillet brazed into the framework, contrasting with the solid English oak tabletop.

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