Thursday, September 11, 2014

Minimalist Wood Tech Accessories by Orée

Orée is a new manufacturer of tech accessories, focusing on design and the use of natural products. Each item has a smooth, streamlined look and is made out of materials such as wood, marble, and leather.

The Orée Board 2 is a wireless keyboard that comes in maple or walnut, and is crafted from a single piece of wood.

After the success of their wireless keyboard, they launched the Orée Touch Slab, their multi-touch trackpad, which is the first product of its kind that makes wood tactile. Like the wireless keyboard, it will come in maple or walnut.

For mobile devices, they created a wireless power sleeve. The Orée Power Sleeve is a combination of wood and tanned leather, and is a Qi wireless charging case for compatible phones.

The Orée Pebble comes in marble or wood, and is an elegant and sleek way to charge phones that have Qi technology.


Clifton: The Innovative Slim Engagement Ring Box

"Clifton is a unique engagement ring case that can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet. The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile. At approximately 1cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enchanting the moment.

The concept design was originally created in 2011, titled "Packed Engagement Ring", and was then launched under the name “Clifton” in 2014."


Monday, September 1, 2014

Now You Can Drink Champagne From Kate Moss's Boob

A London restaurant and a sculptor have created a champagne coupe from a mold of the British supermodel's left breast!

In celebration of the British supermodel's 40th birthday, London's Mayfair 34 restaurant worked with British artist Jane McFadden Freud to create a mold of Moss's left breast, which was used to create the bowl of a champagne coupe. It's decorated with Art Deco-influenced engravings and Moss's signature, accented with a little heart, graces its base.


Giant Pencil Floor Lamp

London design studio Michael & George add a bit of whimsy to the average floor lamp with their creation called the HB Lamp. The nearly six-foot-tall light takes the shape of an oversized pencil with its illumination coming from the eraser and a power cord extending from the sharpened tip. Adding to the lighthearted nature of this product, they’ve crafted it so that the black cord creates the illusion of a drawn line.

The lamp has a solid Cedar wood body, spun brass, hand-blown glass, and a rubber tip. Customizable colors are available, and you can even personalize it, too.


Richly Textured Furniture Created by Fusing Aluminum and Natural Wood

Israel-based product designer Hilla Shamia blends clean, modern lines and aluminum with natural materials to create all kinds of incredibly unique pieces of furniture. Through innovative wood casting techniques, the artist has developed interesting ways to combine cast aluminum with wood so that the materials sit in harmony together and function as stylish tables and stools.

To create the pieces, Shamia pours molten aluminum into a mold and directly onto the wooden surface of cypress and eucalyptus tree trunks. The melted metal quickly absorbs into the cracks while the remaining, pooling liquid remains on top and slowly burns through a layer of the wood. Each richly textured piece is as original as each tree found in nature.


Concrete Handbags by Ivanka Design Studio

Hungarian designer Katalin Ivanka of Ivanka Design Studio unveiled a line of concrete handbags at TENT London last month under the Genesis Accessories Collection label.

The bags really are made, at least in part, with high performance concrete.

The spokesperson for the fashion house says, “Beginning with a model made almost entirely of concrete, the evolution of the collection explores the effects produced by alternating the ratio between concrete and leather.” Pretty cool!

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