By Studio Michael Hilgers for the new Corner Collection.

Amazing sketch effect done by Kharkiv-based artist @citiesandsketches combines his awesome architecture sketches with a light touch of digital art.

By @fhelpa

Located in Shangai, the interior design of the 21cake Baoshen Store designed by Atelier FCJZ features a puzzle-like table, which can be taken apart and rearranged as desired.

By Gravelli Design.

By @gabrieldawe

Designed by KiBiSi.

Is this gorgeous or what?

By Liz Y Ahmed.

Charlotte Landreau (@landreaucharlotte) in Iris Van Herpen (@irisvanherpen). 

The NYC Dance Project (@nycdanceproject) has photographed some of today’s top modern and ballet dancers in the US pairing them with incredible costumes that are brought to life through their movement.

By the incredible @shimunia

By Cristoph Van Bommel.

By Tom Man.

Designed by Jinwan Kim and Hyein Lee.

Incredible setup for Von and Ryan Bishop’s wedding to portray their contrasting personalities. 

Designed by @ivy_creative
Styled by @bumbalena
Made by @boomstudios

By artist @danielarsham

By @itsajook

Ingenious work as always! By @nendo_official.

By Sophia Taillet.
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