Sunday, February 28, 2010

iMaxi - The Apple iPad Case with Protective Wings

This handmade iMaxi will keep your iPad clean and dry with protective wings! Haha! By Etsy seller Hiphandmaids.

"With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi's Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry"


Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

These vintage-inspired decorative iron keys are actually cleverly disguised bottle openers. Selection of 4 different classically designed openers.

Check them out.


Pantone Inspired Chocolate Packaging

Abanico Chocolat is a French chocolate brand with unique packaging that (as a designer) reminds me a lot of a Pantone swatch guide. It's a pretty effective way to showcase slim ganache-filled pralines with their descriptive information in an organized way.


No One Cares About Your Farm!

Even if you’ve managed to turn off the invites, there’s no ignoring Farmville addicts and their incessant rambling about “harvests” and “crops;” seriously, No One Cares About Your Farm.


Mini Magnito Salt and Pepper Shakers

Made up of two halves, Magnito Mini clicks together and pulls apart to reveal separate salt & pepper shakers. As a combined form, Magnito Mini is a spinning top that rolls around on a table top. Each half is labeled by an “S” or a “P” delineating their contents and has holes with different orbits, which keep the salt and pepper isolated in their containers.
Buy it here.


Chocolate Postcards By Chocolate Factory


The Great JJ Outdoor Lamp

Basically, a huge desk lamp for the outdoors!

The Great JJ Outdoor (a replica of the famous Jac Jacobsen’s L-1 architect lamp which was designed in 1937) was designed by Centro Stile design studio with exaggerated proportions for an entirely surreal aesthetic.


Bottoms Up Shot Glass

The Bottoms Up Shot Glass says “drink” when it’s upright and “drunk” when it’s turned over.


Untooned Characters

Collection of “untooned” images that show us how our favourite cartoon and video game characters would look like in real life. Ive posted some of these before but thought i should include again with the rest.

Some creepy, some weird, some not quite accurate, but still cool!

Bart Simpson And Mr Burns (The Simpsons)

Mario (Super Mario Bros.)

Alfred E. Newman (Fictional Mascot Of Mad Magazine)

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)


Charlie Brown (Snoopy)

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Peter Griffin (Family Guy)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Occasions Card

Most situations really only require one of the following phrases: "thank you", "sorry" or "fuck you" Well now you won't even need to speak. All one need do is administer the appropriate hand letter-pressed card, and it's stated in style, way cooler than what your mouth could do. Thirty-three of each card in a foil stamped box that reads ALL OCCASIONS CARDS.

Buy them here.

Heres what the folks at You And Me, The Royal We tell you:
"If you buy a set, put yourself down for a "thank you" card. If you don't buy a set, a "fuck you" card is earmarked for you. If that last part was offensive, we owe you a "sorry" card. See how well they work?!"


WC/CV Toilet Paper

"WC/CV's special roll looks just like regular toilet paper and the paper is good for writing. Each cv has 3 sheets with titles; Contact Information, Education, Employment History.

Fill in the blanks, and put that roll in the company's toilet that you want to work for! or find better places!"

Design by Burak Kaynak.

Thank you Rebekha.

VitraHaus In Germany By Herzog & De Meuron

The newest addition to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany is VitraHaus. Vitra’s Home Collection was in need of its own dedicated space on the Vitra Campus, so Vitra commissioned Basel-based architects Herzog & de Meuron in 2006 to design a suitable home. Thus, VitraHaus came to be — completed and open just this month.

The exterior design follows the theme of the archetypal house and the theme of stacked volumes, apparent in the work of Herzog & de Meuron. It features five stories and its sole function is to present the contemporary Vitra Home Collection. Inside, the furnishings are arranged in a variety of settings for both living and working.

Read more about it here.


X-Ray Cast Tattoo

Casttoo offers X-ray decals that are applied with heat to your cast like tattoos; you can even send your own busted-up X-ray to create a custom Casttoo.


Stack Chair Wall Sticker

This ‘chair’ might not be the most comfortable, but it will mark the spot where to stack your magazines. Vinyl wall-sticker by Florian Kremb.

Buy it here.


Aspiral Clocks

Aspiral makes handmade clocks that slowly move throughout the day, using a ball rather than clock hands to tell the time.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Sorry!

Single "ctrl + z, I'm sorry" letterpress card. A geeky fun way to express an apology!
Get it here.


Bite Silverware

Mark A. Reigelman II has designed this Bite silverware in an effort to help raise awareness of worldwide epidemics such as starvation and obesity.

He explains “each day millions of individuals lay in hunger while millions more are wastefully overeating. This set of ‘bitten’ silverware highlights the daunting reality of both worldly plagues.”


Gaia Chair by Tuyo Design

The Gaia Chair designed by María Margarita García Munzer and Pål Jacob Jacobsen of Tuyo Design features what looks to be felt in between wood slats. On the back, the felt protrudes in the shape of a bird and leaves. It was recently on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Cool Dishware

Wasara Paper Dishes
Beautiful disposable paper dishes have curved corners that naturally follow the shape of fingers or thumbs for easy gripping, deliberately designed so that people can hold their plates while they mingle.

Handful Of Plates
Handful Of Plates are creative ceramic plates that are folded like a taco shell. The way they are curved allows you to keep the plate in one hand while eating the food with the other one.

Grooveware is a creative series of three porcelain dishes and an ashtray. The basic forms are generic, except for the fact that each is paired with, and indented by an appropriate utensil.

K-Wine Dishware
The difference between K-wine and a traditional plate with glass holder is that K-wine moves the weight from the side to the middle of the plate. Therefore, even if the glass is full, the weight of the plate is balanced.

Snap And Dine Dishware
Portable lunch setting by talented product designer Demelza Hill.

Benta Plates
Designed by Angela Schwab. The unexpected upward bend functions as a one-handed grip that also prevents spillage.

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