Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7 Types of iPhone Users

7 Types of iPhone Users by All Area Codes

Which one are you?!!!


Artist Connects 6,239 Dots, Draws Mona Lisa

Thomas Pavitte decided to create his own 6,239-dot puzzle. As you’d imagine, something of that magnitude should result in something other than a rocketship, an apple, or a telephone. In fact, Mr. Pavitte ended up connecting all the dots and creating his own version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa!!!

The project took him nine hours to complete drawing, but that doesn’t include however much time it took him to actually plot out the dots and number them in the first place.

Due to the sheer number of dots, he also color-coded them, switching the hue every 400 dots in order to keep from being distracted by literally thousands of other potential vertices.

The whole drawing is essentially one continuous string of segments, though, and their result is pretty clearly the Mona Lisa.


Exploding Magnum Ice Cream Ads

This isn’t the work of CGI. Instead, using detonators, small explosives, and some fast photography, they were able to capture images of exploding ice cream in a way which makes it look even more delicious than it would in bar form.

By setting the shots to be taken at mathematically-timed moments, they were able to capture the exact moment to get the best frame of the miniature explosion.

Whether it’s the bright colors of a fruit-flavored bar or the mixture of tan and brown chocolate tones, the visuals are incredible.

By Diver & Aguilar.


Dedicated Post: Animals Lebanon

Ive been meaning to post about this for a while now. This is a post dedicated to the most amazing people I know. Truly the most amazing!!!

The team of Animals Lebanon. These are people who have dedicated their whole lives to save the lives of the most unfortunate innocent creatures of Beirut, Lebanon.

I tried helping them out a few years ago, but I honestly just couldn't do it anymore. You won't understand the amount of abuse, pain and suffering that animals go through until you see it in your own eyes. I'd always end up crying my eyes out and going back home.

Animals Lebanon on the other hand, has always been strong enough and dedicated enough to continue in their path despite the many obstacles that stood in their way. With the so little resources they have, in a country where not much of this is really supported, they have stood their ground and they continue to save hundreds of lives year after year.

Animals Lebanon is one of the very few non-profit animal welfare organizations in Lebanon. With so many animals to rescue and such a small team, they could really use your help.

Please, show them your support by donating, sponsoring or adopting.
Spreading the word, liking this post on Facebook or joining their fan page would all make a difference too.

I am also proud to announce that not too long ago, they won the 1st prize for the Most Authentic Arab Brand.

So please help out if you can. The animals of Beirut need you.

Thank you so much.
- Yasmine

Monday, August 15, 2011

Website Propaganda Posters

There’s a war on the web, and netizens are divided into three camps – Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Here's a glimpse of what their propaganda posters could look like!
Get them here.


iPhone Icon Paintings

iPhone Icon Paintings for obsessed apple fans.
16 hand painted icons stretched on canvas over a wood frame. Also available in digitally printed versions.


Mine Sweeping

More street art that puts a smile on your face!

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