Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheeseburger Gift Wrapping Paper

Here's a clever idea for wrapping paper by Gift Couture.
Get it here.


Hotel Kakslauttanen

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how much we'd LOVE to see the northern lights!
And then... I bump into this: Glass igloos at Hotel Kakslauttanen for fantastic view of northern lights. Hotel Kakslauttanen is located 250 km above the Arctic Circle in the Finnish part of Lapland.

I waaaant!!!...


Disney Princesses As Cover Models

Fruit Ninja Plush Toys

One of the best and most popular iOS games finally gets some real world merch. First out of the gate are these plush toys of Fruit Ninja‘s sensei mascot and a watermelon that splits into two.

Get them here.


Zombie Attack Barbie???!!!

Barbie has definitely been around the block as far as career choices are concerned. Now she’s teaching young girls how to survive the zombie apocalypse as ‘Zombie Attack Barbie’. The concept, designed by Sarah Anne Langton, includes a bunch of stuff like pink camo swimsuit, grenades, a bazooka and so much more pink!

What's next?




Everything you need to know to make your very own — including a how-to video — is cheerfully provided by Betty Crocker. Check it out.


Van Gogh Masterpieces Recreated with Spices and Snacks

Artist Kelly McCollam decided to pay homage to Van Gogh by recreating several of his most famous pieces using only spices, salt food colouring and other snacks. It’s a long stretch from painting, but it looks pretty awesome!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Macbook Air Pocket Mirror

Female Apple fanatics *ehem* will love this one!
An exact miniature replica of the Macbook Air laptop but with a mirror instead of a screen. Geekishly cute!


Angry Birds Christmas Tree Ornaments

Well,we were definitely expecting these!!! For all you festive geeks out there, get your Angry Birds ornaments here.


London's 33-Foot Tall LEGO Christmas Tree

A 33-ft LEGO Christmas tree inside London's St Pancras station. Pretty Cool!


Bad Table

Bad Table by Judson Beaumont.


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