"Miniature-You" Dolls

These dolls are hand-made copies of your clothing, your hairstyle and your demeanor... It’s a "miniature-you" made of cloth.

The company that makes them is Eloole, a design studio-workshop that was founded in Barcelona in 2004 by Fashion Designer Eloisa López and Graphic Designer Lluís Campmajó. They design and create all sorts of objects that are hand-made, which makes their products unique and exclusive.

In order to acquire one, you’ll need to send the dolls’ makers a photo and information about the way you dress. Based on that, they will create a personalized doll using all sorts of cloth and fabrics such as felt, synthetic hair, and cotton.

The dolls cost between 130-150 Euros, depending on what you order and what materials are used. Their average size is approximately 60 cm / 24 inches, almost the size of a small child!