Coca Cola: Peace One Day

A limited edition Coca-Cola can to support Peace Day:

"Basically for the first time in the history of Coca-Cola, they have created a unique charity can, on behalf of Peace One Day which is a charity that Jude Law, Annie Lennox and Lenny Kravitz are the main ambassadors for.

Peace One Day is a global charity that has a fixed calendar day called Peace Day which takes place on the 21st September, a day supported by the UN that promotes global ceasefire and non-violence around the world. The idea of the day is to promote peace around the world whilst undertaking life-saving activities, it is also an opportunity for individuals - particularly young people - to become involved in the peace process. Just to give you an idea of the good work they do in 2008 they vaccinated 1.8 million children against polio in Afghanistan.

To raise awareness, 1.1 million 330ml Coca-Cola cans with the Peace One Day logo and 'what will you do' pledge on will be on sale from September encouraging people to think about what they will do on Peace Day."