Hilton Hotels Unveil New Name And Logo

This past week Hilton Worldwide (formerly Hilton Hotels Corporation) unveiled its new corporate name and logo designed by Landor.

"With the addition of the word 'worldwide' the new logo unites all members of the organization across all parts of the globe with one shared vision for success. The platinum and gold stylized H evokes quality, stature and the richness of Hilton’s heritage. The two halves are reflective, which are a reminder of the company’s storied past and vibrant future, and the open curves are welcoming, symbolizing the world of travel by suggesting the round edges of the globe, the arch of a bridge and posts of a bed."



Anonymous said...

En cherchant sur le net la nouvelle charte graphique des hôtel hilton, je sui tomber sur votre site !
Donc je me suis permise de vous écrire en vous demandant plus de détails sur la nouvelle charte graphique du hilton s’il vous plait !
Je vou remercie d’avance
Amicalement yasmine,

After my reacerch in google to fine the new logo of the Hilton hotels, i found your website, then i decided to demand you if you can please send me more details about all the new Drend 
Friendly Yasmine, thank you 

Yasmine Zalek said...

Sorry for the delay.
You can find more info here: