Branding Insanity or Ingenuity?

As I was getting my daily kick of Brandchannel, I stumbled upon the following:

Estee Lauder Gives Women Pretty Facebook Profile Pics
"The latest branding initiative from EsteĆ© Lauder: “Your Beauty. Your Style. Your Profile.” The beauty company will be holding events across the country where ladies (and, I’m sure, men who want to look pretty) can meet with a professional makeup artist to design a makeover tailored to the website you’re aiming to join or have recently joined."

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Kellogg's to Laser Brand Individual Corn Flakes

"Kellogg's has developed a hi-tech method to stamp out imitation cereals - by branding Corn Flakes with the company logo. Kellogg’s has harnessed a groundbreaking laser technology that enables it to burn its iconic logo on to individual corn flakes. Cattle farmers in the Old West would no doubt be proud.

By inserting a certain number of branded flakes – sorry, Corn Flakes – into each box (they’re slightly darker but taste the same), the company claims it can guarantee the cereal’s origins, and solidify its claims that it doesn’t produce cereals for any other manufacturer."

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