Around The World With The Bodoni Family

Written by graphic designer Teresa Monachino and printed by The Society of Revisionist Typographers, the 60-page limited edition book "Around The World With The Bodoni Family" cleverly takes a look at the centuries-old font by associating letters with places.

Using the Bodoni typeface, Monachino illustrates a geographic location with each letter of the alphabet—such as the letter A designed to represent the Alps (pictured above) and a leaning letter I representing Italy (pictured below).

Other locations include Olympia (pictured below, left) and Disneyland (below, right), highlighting both the font and Monachino's imaginative personality, more of which can be seen in her book "Words Fail Me" from Phaidon.

Complete with a foreword written by Dan Cruickshank and signed by both him and Monachino, "Around The World With The Bodoni Family" is an essential addition to any designer's bookshelf. A small run of only 40, the book can be purchased for £95 from the London Design Museum Shop or by emailing Studio Monachino.