Stereotype by Daizi Zheng

This project is designed by Chinese designer Daizi. It is a range of healthy snacks packaged to look like drugs and junk food, including these blueberries in a blister pack.

Called Stereotype, the project includes carrot sticks packaged like cigarettes and celery sticks in a french fry carton.

Here’s some more information from Daizi Zheng:

"Stereotype is about helping people eat more healthier through their everyday habits.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unhealthy diet is amongst one of the leading causes of the major non-communicable diseases.

The series of food packaging were created from the observations on personal behaviors.
Using the recognizable stereotyping packaging would make people feel more physically and physiologically connected with those daily objects.

By giving the good food a little make over, it could contribute the availability of healthy food and encourages people to make a change for their everyday life."