Logorama Wins Oscar – A Victory For Corporate Logos!!

Among the Oscar winners was the award for “Best Short Animation Film” earned by “Logorama”. The 16 minute short film based on corporate logos took over six-years to produce.

Logorama Cast and Crew:

The film, directed by the trio, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain, is a 16-minute movie and revolves around the adventures of two cops (Michelin Men) who are in pursuit of an armed criminal (Ronald McDonald ) through Los Angeles style city filled with famous logo designs.

Never has a film depicted all characters and items through real-life famous logo designs featuring around 3000 corporate logo designs. Famous corporate logos like the Pringles, Sega, Dominos, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s logo designs are seen in the movie.

Check out the trailer.