Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear all,

I'll be on a break for a few days, enjoying Paris with a few friends coming all the way from Beirut :D

(FYI: I've been here for a month now applying for a masters program. I've been accepted. Im done. Woohoo!! Now its time for the real fun!...Did I just rhyme?!)

So I apologize in advance for the short interruption of Design Fetish posts. Ill be back with more inspiration soon enough!

Until then...

-Yasmine "Kushu" Zalek


  1. Congratulations!! I absolutely love your blog. I just graduated from a five year undergrad design program in the US, so I understand what an accomplishment it is to be accepted into a masters design program. Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats, just discovered your blog, and I litteraly love it, so I hope you'll enjoy in the city where I live with so much to see.

  3. Thank you very much guys!
    it means a lot...

  4. Oh wow. Enjoy your big break then. And congratulations on your enrollment! :D

  5. enjoy Paris =)

  6. Alright Kush, enough already, back to work ! :P

  7. I'm going through withdrawals here!!! when will I get my Design Fetish fix again?!


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