We Love Apple By Adobe

Ok here's the story:

Apple has never authorized the presence of "Flash" (developed by Adobe) on the iPhone or on the iPad to the dismay of the users, developers and Adobe. So Adobe created an ad "WE LOVE APPLE" to explain that they have nothing against Apple, but that they just do not appreciate those who try to control the internet with proprietary technologies.

Adobe's Issaco imagined what Apple's response (via an ad) would be like. He simply replaced the heart with the little graphic that appears on an iPhone or iPad when you try to view Flash content! Smart!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Funny! Btw, shouldn't the title be 'Apple', instead of 'Apply'? LoL!

Yasmine Zalek said...

:S oops, sorry! thanks for the heads up!

Sheree said...

clever ;)

Unknown said...

I really adore your work!
You are amazing!
Do you actually sell your products?

Yasmine Zalek said...

well, thank you for your comment vassilina!
Except, you should know that everything you see on my blog is just a product of extensive research online. None of it is my work nor do I sell any of them, unfortunately.

Sorry for the disppointment...