Luxury Jewelry Collection Inspired by Alice In Wonderland

The Brazilian brand H.Stern in partnership with Disney has released an extraordinary luxury collection of unusual ring inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” of Tim Burton. Strange roses, colorful mushrooms, bird from beautiful garden, the Cheshire Cat, Jabberwocky and other wonders.

The collection consists of five rings that are all made of gold. Some items are covered with colored enamel and adorned with diamonds. All products are made under order, and like in the movie, sizes/proportions can vary considerably depending on what you want. The jewelry can be ordered in two sizes - “human dimension” and “extraordinary dimension” which are enormous sculptures.

Brace yourselves though, they're insanely expensive!

Topiary Garden
The ring is made of hundreds of gold leaves, which form a tree, trimmed in the form of birds. Price: $7.450

Cheshire Cat
The ring is also made of gold. The Cheshire cat's wide smile glows in the dark. Price: $20.500

The body of a dragon made of black gold and encrusted with diamonds. Price: $8.690

Mushroom Forest
Reminiscent of the magic mushrooms but with diamonds. Price: $18.000

Living Flowers
Look more like dead flowers to me but turns out they get a beautiful purple hue in the light. Price: $23.000