Miniature Art On The Tip Of Pencils by Dalton Ghetti

Dalton Ghetti creates miniature masterpieces on the tips of pencils. Dalton, who works as a carpenter, has been making his tiny graphite works for about 25 years.

A sculpture of Elvis Presley wearing shades, carved from a single pencil.

A tiny saw, using both the wood and graphite of a single pencil

Dalton uses three basic tools to make his incredible creations – a razor blade, sewing needle and sculpting knife. He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and has never sold any of his work, only given it away to friends. He said: “I use the sewing needle to make holes or dig into the graphite. I scratch and create lines and turn the graphite around slowly in my hand”.

The longest Dalton has spent on one piece was two and half years on a pencil with interlinking chains.

Dalton hollowed out the centre of the wood, then carved the central column of graphite to create this hanging, linked heart.

Carved from the graphite in a normal pencil: A tiny hammer. 

Carved from the graphite in a normal pencil: A tiny button. 

This carving shows a goblet being held by a hand, all carved from one pencil’s graphite.

Carved from the graphite in a normal pencil: A highly-detailed boot.

A miniature graphite chair.

Using the eraser end of a pencil, Dalton created a tiny cross sculpture from the internal graphite.

A mini mailbox on a post.

An intricately-detailed screw, carved in one piece from a pencil’s graphite.