Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Safe House

Well, I've been bumping into this house on design websites for a while now without really looking into it. I just thought its another one of those minimally designed cool houses. Turns out its a bit more than that!

Located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, 'The Safe House' by Katowice-based architectural
office KWK Promes is a two-storey residential house that aims to provide a feeling
of maximum security for the residents.

True to its name, the most distinguishable element of the design is the moveable exterior wall components that allow the house to be completely closed to its environment or open and connected to the rural landscape.

While the initial read of the design might seem confining, the house, when in its open state, offers immense transparency while establishing a strong relationship to the site.



  1. Zombies be damned!!!!!

  2. thi shit is awesome!!
    i buy

  3. I think Dr Morbius house is cooler.

  4. "Katowice-based, ..." Do you think the sad history of Katowice may have something o do with the design?

  5. Hmmm...didn't really think about that actually...would be sad, true...

  6. Hope it has its own generator or they could have power cut off when closed up, turning it into a tomb. No idea about the makeup of the walls, weight-wise but the hinges they move on must be special-issue. No angled roof to shed snow or rain. There's a modern motte and bailey castle on NW Connecticut Ave in DC owned by the U. of DC that is far more impressive and without moving walls.


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