Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Design Fetishists,

I apologize for the lack of posts but things have been quite hectic.

I'll be moving to Paris in a few days so its going to be pretty hard for me to do any blogging this week.

Stay tuned however for new inspirational posts soon enough...

-Yasmina "Kushu" Zalek


  1. i almost never comment on blogs, but i have to tell you i like your blog a lot, you find the coolest things :)
    so thanks and enjoy paris!

  2. I was wondering why you haven't been blogging much lately.. Have a safe journey.. Best of luck for Paris!!! looking forward to reading from you again!

  3. We'll be waiting for it =)

  4. Good luck in Paris! Its such an amazing City, You'll fit right in



  5. greetings from Malaysia..

    take your sweet time. I love your blog and best of luck in Paris!

  6. Thank you all! Thats so sweet of all of you.
    I truly appreciate it...

  7. Although Paris isn't my favorite city 'type' (i prefer cities like Berlin or London) i wish you all the best in France. Take all the time you need to settle down! And don't forget to visit Palais de Tokyo frequently! A realy awesome modern art museum where they only show work from new artists to let them be discovered. They often change the display of art. But i guess you're already up-to-date about all the highlights in Paris, haha!

    Greetings from Holland!


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