Inukshuk: Multi-Functional Stone Magnets For Your Office

Berlin-based designer Dewa Bleisinger has created 'Inukshuk' a multi-functional office device for German company Troika.

The 'Inukshuks' have integrated magnets, enabling users to arrange the stones according to their needs - functioning as a paperclip or photo holder, or an anti-stress device for your hands.

'Inukshuk' allows you to create your own desktop sculpture while maintaining an organized workspace.



LiTTLE BLACK said...

I love looking for designs with magnets because they are multi-functional and more fun. I am currently designing fashion accessories with magnets. I recently read an article of a German designer who made a floor rug from magnets! Great design & article :)

If anyone's interested, here's a link where I bought my magnets and let the creativity flow!

Rainy Jay said...