Fluid Vase

The fluid vase by Fung Kwok Pan from Singapore is a customizable vase that takes its form through an interactive digital design interface. The vase’s form simulates the moving fluid, something that is directly linked to the function of a vase. 

Users can specify various aspects of the design to create a unique one off edition for themselves. Adjustments like the speed and volume of water used can be altered and 
the final design is created through 3d printing technologies. 

The digital simulations are based on video of flowing water captured through high speed cameras.



Anonymous said...

Why on earth has no one thought of the urinal/sink combo before? Amazing. I would buy them in a second if I were a hotel or business with men's rooms. The rest of your stuff is equally wonderful. Please, grow, grow GROW.

Yasmine Zalek said...

Thanx :D