Michel Dines In Hell: A Halloween Project

So guys, get this. My friend Michel is one of the craziest people I know and I absolutely love him for it.

His latest insanity is a 65 day halloween costume project/challenge to transform his body from an unfit blob (98.5kgs) to lean and muscular 85kg one, to be able to pull off dressing up as King Leonidas on Halloween. 

You see, he just absolutely adores the movie 300. He always has. He's watched it over 50 times, knows all the lines by heart and lives his life based on all that he could learn from that movie. What pushed him over the edge you say? Well, on his last birthday, which wasn't too long ago, he got a Spartan helmet as a gift and thats when he just went totally berserk!
He decided to BECOME Leonidas (or as close to him as possible) in time for Halloween.

The stuff he goes through is just CRAZY! He put his body through so much strain and pressure but he was determined to do it. He even had to go to the hospital a few times! And so, he started a blog called Michel Dines In Hell '10 where he blogs about his daily adventures, fitness, nutrition among other fun stuff. 

Now, with only a few more days left to go, check out the results; body, beard, tan etc.

The determination, the will power. Its definitley awe-inspiring.
Awesome! Im so proud of him :D