Help Me Out Will Ya ;)

Dear all,

As you some of you might know, I am doing my masters in Luxury Brand Management. I have managed to include Design Fetish in one of my projects in which I have to transform it into an actual profitable brand and business (not necessarily luxury…at least for now). You can imagine how excited I am about this project! It would mean a great deal to me if you helped out by filling in the following survey:

Please note that this is a survey that applies to people who live in Lebanon, visit it, or might be visiting it in the near future. Another survey might be developed soon for international "customers" but I must take it nice and easy for now.

If you are familiar with Design Fetish, that's great, if not please go through the site to familiarize yourself with it before taking the survey.

Thank you so much.

-Yasmine "kushu" Zalek