ShotShell AmmoCrate

ShotShell AmmoCrate includes 6 ShotShell stainless steel glasses, incredibly strong, made with premium-grade stainless steel, and guarantees 100% dishwater safe.

Also providing you the safest way to store these teensy glasses, these glasses are cradled in extremely strong Pelican case in Olive Drab Green, with a layer of foam between two sets of 3 glasses, securing a stronger safety of each glass.

ShotShell stainless steel glasses are also available individually, with each glass wrapped in soft fabric pouch.



gmjhowe said...

I only tend to drink spirits, and I love army stuff. So this would make for a great little piece to pull out at parties!

By the way, I check your blog often, keep up the good work.

Yasmine Zalek said...

thanks! glad you enjoy it!!!!