Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Space Invaders Tie

The Space Invaders Tie is a silk tie, with either blue or green Space Invaders accents. Get it here.


Lego Tables

By Lunatic Construction.


Scary Shower Curtain

This shower curtain with a shadow figure is just too scary.
Buy it here.


Wallpapers For Designers

Cool wallpaper that every designer should have on their desktop for quick reminders or blunt statements! By Stephen Herko.

You can download them and other more from his website.


Swing Necklace

Buy it here.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Artist Peter Root latest work is ‘Ephemicropolis’, a metropolis made completely from stacks of metal staples. the piece consists of over 100,000 staples that were assembled over a time period of 40 hours. The stacks were each broken into different sizes, designed to represent everything from small scale buildings to large skyscrapers. The largest stacks are about 12 cm high, while some buildings consist of only a single staple. The whole installation takes up a floor space of about 6m x 3m.


Photos Combined with Pencil Drawings

Ben Heine, a talented Belgian artist, has created a series of awesome images by combining photographs with pencil drawings.


Recycled Cassette Tape Portraits

Erika Iris Simmons, a talented self-taught artist, creates amazing portraits of famous musicians out of recycled audio cassette tapes.

You can view the entire “Ghost in the Machine” series of cassette tape portraits at here.


Petit Beurre Cushion

Yum!!! I love those!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reversed Volumes

Mischer Traxler's "Reversed Volumes" captures the imprint of a fruit/vegetable and shapes a new bowl.

The space between a vessel and a fruit/vegetable is filled with ceramics. After the original organic material is taken away, the bowl preserves the actual imprint. Each bowl is as unique as the actual fruit/vegetable.


Our Skin Never Forgets

A campaign against skin cancer by the Swiss Cancer Foundation.
Mannequins on display at public swimming pools are covered with sticky reminders notes dramatically illustrating the threatening capacity of our skin.


More Paper Wonders by Yulia Brodskaya

Whenever i see more of her work, i feel weak in the knees. Awesome handmade papercrafts by Yulia Brodskaya.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kozo Lamps

For all you guys out there, Kozo Lamps might not have LEDs or ratcheting arms, but they make up for it in pure manliness and Mario appeal! Check them out.


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Real Lego Brick

Puts a smile on your face doesn't it?!!!


Circular Walking Bookshelf

Cool! Not much info about it though :(

The Circular Walking Bookshelf is part of the Archive Series by David Garcia.
The Archive Series are investigations on space and books. Its departure point is density and micro spaces, and a series of traditional relationships that humans have to books.

The Curcular Walking Bookshelf known as Archive II is owned and on exhibition at the University of Roskilde Main Library.



Frame your favorite dvd's and/or books.
Buy them here.

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