Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iPhone Cookies

Life size rectangular cookies shaped exactly like the handset, by Japan's Green Gables Bakery. Every single detail was taken into account. You can notice the small camera lens also marked out on the rear side. The front has been decorated with application icons.

Each cookie is priced at: $33.
And surprise, surprise, they're seeling like hot cakes!!!
The current waiting time for an iPhone cookie: Two months!



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  2. hey there! Thanks for the tip, I do actually know about that posting option, but I like to provide my readers with a bunch of posts all in the same time :)

    but thanx though!

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  5. Thanks you guys! It means a lot. TankeTallerken, will check out your blog asap :)

  6. Nice cookies,I imagined a big cake!!!
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  7. Maybe it's just me that can't save them and feel that I must read them all at once. :)


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