Sunday, June 19, 2011

152 Facebook Friends Tattoo

YouTube user susyj87 recently had her 152 Facebook friends tattooed to her arm
It took a painful four months for her to get these pictures tattooed on her skin.
She probably shouldn't join Twitter!

Possibly (probably...) a hoax!!!



  1. gosh, that's so stupid.... what if one of her friends removes her of the friends list? or change the profile picture!? ;pp
    by the way,i love your work and this blog is so-so amazing, i'm just checkin' it everyday looking for all these awesome and interesting things... good job! greetings from Poland :-)

  2. oh dear. hope they're friends for life :-)

  3. It says:
    "The Tattoo is a try-out tattoo which sticks for 5 days."
    no worries

  4. It's a viral video by PrettySocial: they sell customizable gadgets you can personalize with your photos....
    Tattoo are fake too: They are washable....

    Via Forbes


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