The Cantastic Wedding Invitation!!!

So a year and a half ago, I had to design my brother's wedding card for his bohemian slash countryside themed wedding.

The idea of the can is based on the tradition of hanging cans on the back of the car of the newly wedded couple to scare bad spirits away.

The visitors received completely sealed cans. Inside, they found the letterpresses invitation which included the use instructions and a cord to hang the can on the car after the wedding. The use instructions were actually illustrated by the talented bride and groom themselves.

It created such a huge buzz throughout the whole wedding! It was a hit!

Like it?!

Cheers to the lovely couple! Love you guys!


Jenny said...

I love this! Well done you! Possibly a stupid questions, but how does one seal the cans? Jenny

ehazael said...

What a lovely idea!

Diala said...

love it!

Diala said...

Love it!!!

holly from 300poundsdown said...

That is an awesome idea!!

Yasmine Zalek said...

Thanx guys!

@Jenny, not a stupid question at all. it was the most challenging part. We had to actually find the factory that made and sealed the cans for canned food!