The Essential Guide To Raising A Designer


1. Type Onesie
2. Neutraface Slab Blocks
3. HTML for Babies
4. Letter-Pressed Cookie Cutters
5. Tattly CMYK Temporary Tattoo
6. iWood Toy Computer
7. Moleskine LEGO
8. iPhone Art Print
9. Lightboard for iPad
10. Photoshop Pillow
11. Wood Alphabet
12. Pantone Baby Blanket 



lisacng said...

HTML for babies, hilarious!

lisacng said...

I think you spelled raising wrong in your graphic

Yasmine Zalek said...

You're right about the spelling. Its not my graphic though so can't do much. Thanks for the heads up though!

Unknown said...

First step: teach kids how to spellcheck!

Yasmine Zalek said...

Lol! True!