From Beirut: Dessine Moi Un Oeil by Dima Boulad

So, my design school colleague, Dima Boulad is obsessed with drawing eyes!!!
Yes, EYES!!!

"I am obsessed with drawing eyes.. everytime i take a pen and paper, the first thing I draw is eyes. So the only logical thing seemed to keep on drawing and sharing them."

It could have turned out to be something pretty creepy but luckily for us, the result turned out to be quite mesmerizing!

Check out her crazy cool illustrations!!! From her notebook, to coasters, to walls, you'll find them pretty much everywhere you find Dima! Always adding a touch of cool onto the less prettier things in life :D

Follow her illustrative adventures on her blog "Dessine Moi Un Oeil" (literally translated to "Draw Me An Eye").