Monday, October 29, 2012

Industrial Garment Rack

This Industrial Garment Rack is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Everything is made from salvage materials all of which are cut, threaded and/or refinished by hand.

This clothing rack creates an industrial ambiance with exposed raw steel double rack, reclaimed wood, and vintage heavy duty casters providing mobility and the perfect solution for urban dwellers needing extra storage space for their clothing.

Find it here.



  1. No, actually it is NOT all reclaimed material. The pipe is new. And the flanges for the pipe are new and made in CHINA. They're even stamped CHINA right on them. I hate when people try to bullshit their work with rather obvious tips like this to how un-authentic it is.

  2. So the flanges are made in china.. Who cares? This is an awesome rack. And is it just me or are the shoes in the bottom left corner the BOMB?!...


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