Music In The Sky

Musical ski lift chairs, Jara Mountains, France.



La Precurstrice said...

That's lovely! Where is it exactly ??? I absolutely want to go skiing there!! 🏂

Yasmine Zalek said...

Yes they are! Im not sure where they are exactly. It just says Jura Mountains of France!

Titelo said...

Honestly I think this photo has been edited. The Jura mountaine is one of the lower in France and the ski resorts are rather small and not very riches.
I don't think any of them would have the money to do that.
As well I don't see how this is technically possible.
And google never heard of it.
Would be cool but I think this is just the dream of a photoshoper :(

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

This is actually a surrealist painting. :) But would be a lovely idea.