Monday, June 10, 2013

The Right Angle Stapler

Many have managed to increase the width, size and capacity of the humble stapler but no one has ventured into its orientation. Stapled papers develop ugly dog-ears and the Right Angle Stapler prevents this.

Designers: 42 Design – Jeong Jun Yeon, Jeon Hyeongho, Mee Ree, Jeon Youngha & Ji Eun Lee



  1. Loving your blog and it's seriously cool designs, have you seen the scratch map?

  2. Thanks Jason :)
    Ive actually seen the scratch map and I believe I blogged about something similar to it. But thanks for the heads up :D

  3. How exactly is this to be loaded? Would it have to be loaded with a new single right-angle staple every time it was used?

  4. I think this is cool, but when you flip up the first page, it will definitely tear. Cool idea, but not incredibly practical.


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