Bodyscapes: Creating Landscape Photos With the Human Body

Shoulder Hill Valley

Valley Of The Reclining Women
Elbow Point

The Sleeper

Fingers Cave

The Cave Of Abdo Men

Shin Knee Valley

Pectoral Dunes

Headless Horizon

Twin Peaks

The Desert Of Sleeping Men

Desert Of Backs

Cut Throat Valley
Carl Warner isn’t your typical landscape photographer. Where most would take to the outdoors, the London-based photog creates landscapes in his studio. Previously, we shared his surreal photo series Foodscapes: landscapes created using all manner of edible products.

His most recent project is a departure from his work with food, and perhaps posed an even greater challenge. Dubbed “Bodyscapes,” the series turns the ridges, hills and valleys of one or more human bodies into strange and surreal landscape photos.

Each photo is named based on the body parts it is composed of, and some are more difficult to make look landscape-like than others.