English Vintage Suitcase Chest of Drawers by James Plumb

Those old suitcases that were beat to death on the airline turnstiles, buses, and the trains have just resurfaced. James Plumb has been collecting them in quantity and turning them into something we all would love to have, a fascinating Chest of Drawers. James takes the vintage suitcases and uses them as the drawers of the chest. He builds the cabinet to hold the suitcases snugly to eliminate excess dust seeping in, and to keep a good clean appearance. The shelving unit is painted flat black to let the beauty of these old suitcases come to the forefront. The metal framework will stand up to years of use, as will the suitcases. Each unit is custom made to match the suitcases Plumb has acquired for the project. The variable colors and styles of the suitcases make for a very attractive chest of drawers.

Prices vary by the size of unit you want, so you need to contact James Plumb for a quote, if you are interested.