Inkless Pen Never Needs To Be Replaced

UPDATE: The Jac Zagoory Team is offering a 5% Discount for Design Fetish readers with every order of the Inkless pen. Just use the following discount code: funfor5 to get 5% off on your next order!

The Beta Inkless Pen is a revolutionary new example of German precision engineering, this particular pen does away with the need for ink completely and is a shining example of function and form.

Instead of having to sharpen your pencil all the time, or refill your pen with ink, and or discard it for a new one – all of which have negative connotations for the environment – the inkless pen provides an eco-friendly option. Bringing back an age-old technique of writing with metal, the pen’s tip is made of lead and leaves a grey line in it’s wake that won’t smudge or erase.

The pen can be used on most paper surfaces, at any temperature and in any weather condition, making it a durable and versatile option for a pen that is ready to use in any circumstance. There is also a keychain version available, giving you peace of mind that you have the tool to document your best ideas whenever and wherever they happen.

Whether you want an all-metallic finish or something with a little bit more character, this pen is available in several finishes. Anodized aluminium is a very sleek finish which is cool to the touch, whereas the cherry wood finish has more of a warm organic feel.

Considering the fact this pen will technically last forever, it’s surprisingly affordable, costing just $27.95 for the silver version.



Mike said...

Thanks for the post from the Jac Zagoory Team! we would like to extend a discount code for this, use code funfor5 to get 5% off your next order on the site above for the Inkless Pen!

Yasmine Zalek said...

Thats great! Thank you Mike! I will update the post and post the offer on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

The idea is great, the design also but could you develop a little bit more these two points :
- " the inkless pen provides an eco-friendly option"
- "the pen’s tip is made of lead"

Depending the size of the tip, I guess the eco-friendly side of this pen might not be as important as described especially if you lose the pen or if you usually to put the pen in your mouth in front of a blank page...

Do you have different sharpness for the tip ?

Yasmine Zalek said...

Hi there! I would direct those question to the Jac Zagoory team, as they would know better. Please do not hesitate to contact them via their website:

Good luck!

Mike said...

This pen is Eco-friendly when compared to a pencil needing to be sharpened over and over and the wood shavings ending up in the trash and not reused. We know losing a pen is something that happens, but less often than a pencil is sharpened or broken and thrown out.
If you are going to put the pen in your mouth we would suggest the back end.
As for sharpness, you can use sandpaper to make a finer tip by twisting the tip between your fingers.