Forebruary: An Endless Calendar That Never Needs To Be Replaced

Russian product designer Ilya Birman’s ‘Forebruary‘ is an endless wall calendar that doesn’t need to be replaced every year. It comes with a movable frame above the surface that contains the month needed, and a red stripe highlights the weekend.

Birman, who is interested in information display, typography and layout, writes:

"It has always bugged me that every year people produce and sell wall calendars for the next year. It is hard not to notice that there are only seven different months. Even one full-year calendar already has duplicate months. When something bugs a designer, designer makes a project."

The concept design isn’t available to buy at the moment, but Birman says it should be made from “nice and expensive materials” rather than printed out on paper. This is because it isn’t a throwaway thing and he thinks it should look good next to a clock on the wall. Keep an eye on Birman’s website for updates about its availability.