Non-Photoshopped Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini

Paris-based Swiss artist Felice Varini's paintings are the kind that have one vantage point from which its completed form can be viewed in its fluid entirety. The artist's vast portfolio of anamorphic illusions presents a variety of urban paintings, both indoors and outdoors. His large-scale creations are geometric in their composition and redefine each three-dimensional space they are applied to in such a way that one questions their own vision.

Using basic shapes like circles and squares depicted in vibrant pops of color, Varini distorts the viewer's perception of reality. It's as though depth doesn't exist as each line and curve connects perfectly with the next, regardless of distance or shape. Of course, when one isn't standing in the proper position, the illusion fades into an abstract smearing of color. The fragmented pieces distort the optical illusion, turning its applied surface into a piece of architecture with a weird paint job.