Fascinating Photos That Look Unbelievably Like Paintings

Housing development in Mexico by Oscar Ruiz

Lassen Volcanic National Park by James and Kelly Stone

Heavily polluted lake in Anhui province, Taiwan by Jianan Yu

California Waves by David Orias using long exposure and telephoto lens.

Reflections in a river by Denise Collette.

By Barbara Cole using a Polaroid Spectra Camera and Tungsten light for the effect.

Dunes and Camel Thorn Tress in Namibia by Frans Lanting
While we've all seen our fair share of hyperrealistic and photorealistic art, or paintings and sculptures that look amazingly like photographs, it's not too often that we come across photos that look like paintings. Here, then, are ten fascinating photos that look unbelievably like an oil, acrylic or watercolor paintings.