Magnetic Hangers Are Perfect For Neat Freaks

The hooks on clothes hangers get caught in loose knits, get tangled with each other, break off, bend, and do all kinds of other irritating things.

Flow Design, a German-Latvian company, created these magnetic hangers that could solve all those problems. Called Cliq, the hangers have no hooks, but instead are shaped like an upside-down V. At the height of the V, where the two arms meet, is a powerful magnet. So you actually just snap the hanger to the underside of the clothes rack (strong enough to hold up 4.5 pounds of material).

The Cliq also solves another key problem through the magnets' natural attraction and repelling properties. Instead of hooks tangling with each other, the magnets actually repel each other, so they can't get any closer than a centimeter or two. That creates a nice, even gap between your clothes.

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