Featured Work: Nayef Francis Design Studio - Beirut, Lebanon

I'm always on the look out for Lebanese designers to post about. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out about Nayef Francis' work.

Majoring in Interior Architecture and after gaining experience as an interior architect throughout the MENA region, Nayef, decided to return to Beirut in 2009 to establish his own design house.

The Nayef Francis Design Boutique specializes in creating beautiful, comfortable and unique living spaces through expert interior, architectural and furniture design. By closely collaborating with their clients, they are able to combine their vision to bring to life a personalized interior that reflects their personality as well as their own expertise. They often involve their clients in the creative process, drawing from their own personal desires for their space while guiding them to the best possible design for their needs.

Made in Lebanon, in collaboration with Lebanese suppliers and using local materials whenever possible, their products combine distinctive materials and customary manufacturing techniques to offer timeless pieces that seamlessly blend functionality and form.

A few the studio's impressive work:

The Nail It
Hanging clothes from a sharp point can stretch out the material. Nail It's wide surface allows clothing to be spread across, minimizing damage. The items can be places in a variety of different configurations to form an interesting installation.

The Grid Library
The Grid's simple metal tubes blend into the all making your books the focus without the use of bookends. Additional accessories let you play with the design by adding plants and other items. Can be customized.

The Do-It-Yourshelf Library
Inspired by the shelving at "mana'eesh" bakeries around Lebanon, this original shelving unit allows the separate shelves to be moved and manipulated according to the circumstances and size of the displayed objects. Do It Yourself!!!

For more Nayef Francis designs, visit their website or their showroom in Mar Mkhael, Lebanon. 

Nayef Francis Design Studio
Showroom T/F +961 1 444 711 / 811
Mobile              +961 3 63 52 64
Hadechian Bldg, Ground Floor
Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael
Beirut, Lebanon