Minimalist Wood Tech Accessories by Orée

Orée is a new manufacturer of tech accessories, focusing on design and the use of natural products. Each item has a smooth, streamlined look and is made out of materials such as wood, marble, and leather.

The Orée Board 2 is a wireless keyboard that comes in maple or walnut, and is crafted from a single piece of wood.

After the success of their wireless keyboard, they launched the Orée Touch Slab, their multi-touch trackpad, which is the first product of its kind that makes wood tactile. Like the wireless keyboard, it will come in maple or walnut.

For mobile devices, they created a wireless power sleeve. The Orée Power Sleeve is a combination of wood and tanned leather, and is a Qi wireless charging case for compatible phones.

The Orée Pebble comes in marble or wood, and is an elegant and sleek way to charge phones that have Qi technology.



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Awesome and creative design of wood tech accessories. I really appreciate the great work. Thanks for share.