Boeing 737 Jet Engine Transformed into a Massive Chair

This innovative chair marries aircraft engineered quality with industrial furniture design, resulting in an unconventionally eye-catching centerpiece. The 737 Cowling Chair was designed by Fallen Furniture, a company that specializes in producing aviation furniture out of authentic, reclaimed aircraft parts. This particular masterpiece was made out of a repurposed engine cowling taken from a Boeing 737.

The chair has some staggering dimensions—the piece is 2m by 2m (about 2.2 yards tall and wide), which means one would have to think twice about how to get it inside a building. With an interior upholstery of black leather that complements a polished shell exterior attached to a swiveling aluminum base. An eclectic mixture of aircraft design and interior furniture with a modern art twist, the 737 Cowling Chair certainly makes for a distinctive addition to any room.