Light Carpet By Maria Group for Iwan Maktabi

The "Light" Carpet designed by Maria Group for the "One Carpet For Love" Collection which was initiated by Iwan Maktabi.

Iwan Maktabi is the leading high end rug retailer in the region. Through this initiative, they called on various Lebanese designers to collaborate with them in "weaving various threads of society into carpet designs that showcase the rich tapestry of life in Lebanon".

Maria Group, designed "Light", is a Beirut-based architecture practice. The firm’s rug for the project is all about space and light. Company principals Michèle Chaya and Georges Maria have a rather poetic take on their design: ‘An old house, a wooden window frame, light projecting through. Weaving past and present, in tones of grey and white, the carpet captures this eeting moment, and preserves its memory in a physical object, in space.’

Credits: Cover Magazine, Spring Issue 2016