Margherita for Vea: Stunning Jewelry Made With Rubber Tires

Margherita is a line of leather accessories and jewelry by Lebanese Designer Ghita Abi Hanna. Margherita strives to create unique, bold designs, for the most part carefully hand-crafted by Lebanese artisans. Margherita’s designs incorporate architectural lines through different material, offering hand made, timeless items. The company’s fashion forward approach targets a trend-setting customer, courageous enough to stand out and wear bold statement pieces.

The featured collection was created in collaboration with Vea, a fashionably responsible brand that creates wearable accessories made from upcycled inner tire tubes. Each piece is handmade from sterling silver or gold plated brass and used bicycle tire rubber that come together nicely to create a statement piece of jewelry. The forms are kept simple and geometrical, allowing the black rubber to create volume and stark contrast with the brushed silver or gold.