Ghostly Porcelain Bowls Designed with Dramatic Splatters Frozen in Time

Artist Aylin Bilgiç has captured a moment in time through her delicate ceramic bowls. The porcelain vessels—part of an aptly-titled series Fluid Porcelain—have dramatic splashes that whip from their edges. It’s as if the bowl was full of liquid, had something thrown into it, and then a picture was snapped at just the right second.

To produce this mesmerizing effect, Bilgiç first creates the bowl out of porcelain. At certain angles, you can still see the rim of where the vessel ends and the splashes began. This furthers the illusion that there’s some sort of milky-colored substance erupting from the bowls. After the fluid portions are created, Bilgiç adds a gold accent along their edges. The result is an unconventional riff on traditional dining.