Thursday, June 30, 2011

Delicious iPhone Cases

Delicious quirky looking iPhone cases designed to look like popular Japanese food.
Not sure how practical they are though...

Get them here.


Switch Sticky Notes

Yet another clever sticky note design. The staple stationery item becomes even more functional in the form of Switch Notes. This pad of sticky notes has a hole in the middle, just the right size to fix to a traditional light switch. There is even a small lip at the top to store your pen or pencil behind.

No one leaves the house with the lights on (I hope...) so no excuse for not getting things done!

Check it out.


Fruit Template

Show off your fresh fruit with this fruit bowl alternative!
Limited edition of 100, available in white or black.


Cookie Package




Get it here.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Starbucks Infographic

The Scale of Starbucks

Cool Starbucks infographic by Tony Shin.


KFC Cookies

Cookies shaped like KFC drumsticks with the crusty skin made out of cornflakes!
Check out the recipe here.


Converse x Super Mario

Converse and Nintendo have teamed up and designed a series of awesome sneakers inspired by the iconic video game. To be released in August 2011.


S.T Dupont MiniJets

A pretty cool initiative by S.T Dupont. Known for its classic luxury lighters with the signature "clinking" sound once closed, the brand has always aimed for the more "mature" crowd.

Today, S.T Dupont has decided to widen its target to include a younger generation with the launch of their very compact, flashy, spicy and exotic new incarnations. There are 14 trendy colors such as; Fuchsia Buzz, Bleu Eclectique, and Orange Fizz.

To promote the MiniJet series, Dupont has launched a Facebook app whereby you can send coded messages to your list of friends based on the choice of colors you choose. Pretty cool!

Try it out here.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

152 Facebook Friends Tattoo

YouTube user susyj87 recently had her 152 Facebook friends tattooed to her arm
It took a painful four months for her to get these pictures tattooed on her skin.
She probably shouldn't join Twitter!

Possibly (probably...) a hoax!!!


How Cute is This?


Sprout Bookmark

Cute little sprout! The little bookmark can be placed either inside the book, where the leaves actually open up when you open the book, or it can be placed on the edge of the book. Buy it here.


In a Parallel World

Parisian designer Dzmitry Samal designed this cool new furniture collection Parallel world.

The furniture is made of MDF, manufactured by French company “V2 Design” and distributed exclusively by “”.


Tetris Style Sticky Notes

Fun! You can buy them here.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Out Damned Spots!!!

I love these! Playing around with the idea of classic embroidery, these napkins ditch the use of logos, crests, initials etc and replace them with embroidered stains and spills!

You've got the classics; Coffee, ink and blood (or is it ketchup?!)
Get them here.


The Visual Beauty of Books

Bronia Sawyer, UK-based artist folds and rolls book pages to produce amazing bird and flower-like bursts of color.


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